buy Quality Brine Shrimp Eggs

1. Product Introduction
Brine shrimp eggs are the excellent fodder for shrimps, crabs, fishes and other artificial seedlings that have abundant nutrition like protein, lysine, and crude fat and etc. Therefore, they are the fantastic bait for baby shrimps, fishes and crabs. After carefully screened and processed with the use of the most advanced processing equipment and technology, our products have no impurity but contain high nutrition.
2.Product  Parameter
Grain/g > 300000, protein > 70%, lipid >20%, highly unsaturated fatty acid 15mg>g, DW  ash specification 12%, water content 5-8%, hatching rate >90% ,impurity <1%
3.Product Feature
Our products have no impurity, but have rich nutrition, high hatching rate, and can adapt to the adverse environment easily, hence, the brine shrimp eggs in our company are fresh and superb bait for fish, shrimp and crab seedlings.
4. Hatching Rate
Our company uses the advanced low temperature drying technique and production technology to purify, freeze, test (hatching rate), remit, steep, dry, and pack brine shrimp eggs, and our products are screened and processed meticulously. All above, our products will assure that the hatching rate will be 90% or more if you follow the correct instruction in the proper environment.
buy Quality Brine Shrimp Eggs
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