static duster manufacturers

anti static cleaning 180°duster cleaner,with refill
Materials: 50%PP  50%PE
Weight: 8grams/pc
Size:18*11.5cm ,handle  30cm  17cm/fold
Color available : yellow, green, blue, white

These 180 degrees cleaning dusters use thousands of fluffy fibers  locks 2X more dust than a feather duster on virtually any surface for a great clean which easily attract and absorb dust, dirt and hairs . Ideal for televisions, Hi-Fi's and videos, venetian blinds and bookshelves,get into the hard to reach the place.
· Super light fluffy duster
· Duster could be custom-made
· More than 5 handle type you could choose
· Automatic production line, Keep a good Quality and Quantity
· BSCI , ISO9001 certification, Fell free to make the supply chain audit
· Copare to the Swiffer duster,
What is the dust?
Dust contains bacteria, fungi and dust mite (insect) particles, all known to trigger allergies. The debris left behind by dust mites can actually trigger powerful allergic reaction, especially for your most vulnerable family members, the youngest.
How to clean it?
This duster is made by electrostatic fiber,with the soft fork, easy to attract and absorb dust dirt and hairs.
How about the size?
This is the small handle duster,easy to put in anywhere as folding.static duster manufacturers
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