Rainbow Six Siege is Constantly Changing

Ubisoft stated back in April Cheap creditshad been taking steps to tackle this mess. "Intentional team killing is an issue in Rainbow Six, and our existing method of addressing it's being improved," says the site post.

"The objective is to track long term offenders across multiple games and sessions which slip through the cracks of the present team kill detection method. We can't provide too many details on this, as it will result in exploiting.

"These short-term changes will start to address toxicity, but we do not intend to stop there. We are serious about tackling the issues surrounding the potential for a negative player experience, and we will discuss any further changes with you before their execution."

Fast-forward few months and, at least PS4, the issue seems as bad as it was. It is a shooter constructed around devastation, but its most destructive element, it turns out, are the players themselves.Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six Siege's Six Major Paris Finals

Together with the winner netting a massive $150,000 and second place $55,000, this is the largest competitive occasion the game has seen outside of its own hometown of Montreal, Canada.

A lot will be happening -- such as the full show of the game's two hottest Operators, Maverick and Clash - so a primer on what to expect and if, is in order.

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