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There are currently numerous debates in the medical community on whether menopause really exists in men.
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Menopause in women is defined as the time when the menstrual periods cease. Based on this Erik Karlsson Jersey , men cannot have menopause. But, as the doctors have argued, they can undergo andropause – the male equivalent of menopause in women. Male who have andropause manifest the same symptoms as those women with menopause.


Male menopause is used to refer to the condition in which men experience a decrease in their hormone levels. But unlike the case of women whose hormone levels drop dramatically, male menopause takes place with a gradual fall in hormone testosterone. Medical reports show that many men in their 70’s have almost the same testosterone levels as those in their 20’s.
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Men with menopause manifest symptoms that include irritability, sweating, memory problems, concentration difficulties, and hot flushing.


Other common complaints of men with menopause consist of low sex drive, hair loss, fatigue, generalized pains, and body shape changes as they tend to become more rounded and less brawny.
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Analyzing the symptoms, it becomes clear why male menopause is compared with that of women. Women may manifest some or all of the symptoms listed.


It is important to note, however, that the symptoms listed may be caused by other physical illnesses other than menopause. Thyroid gland dysfunction, depression, or anemia may be the underlying roots.


Some doctors, however, claim that male menopause is caused not by the hormonal changes but by psychological reasons. The realization that they are ageing is underlined by the signs of physical changes such as the occurrence of wrinkles, fat and waning hairline.


Men in their middle age usually weaken their self-esteem as they begin to question themselves as to whether they still have a role in their homes and the society. An example is when their children mature and leave home; they start to feel empty and futile in the family.


Other possible psychological triggers of menopause in men include financial problems, job dissatisfaction, and marital conflicts.


It is important to note, however, that the symptoms listed may be caused by other physical illnesses other than menopause. Again, thyroid gland dysfunction, depression, or anemia may be the underlying causes.


The diagnosis of male menopause is done by running a physical exam, the doctor will inquire about the symptoms the male is experiencing. He may conduct necessary diagnostic tests to discard other medical problems which may be affecting the condition. Series of blood tests will then be carried out to analyze the patient’s hormone levels, as well as the blood testosterone status.


Testosterone replacement therapy is applied if the testosterone levels are found to be low. This process also helps to minimize the symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and low libido, or poor sex drive.


Hormone replacement therapy has as well been tied to the development in the brain functions, bone density and night sweats.


Testosterone replacement comes in oral medication, implants, or injections.


The oral drugs are given to those who cannot bear implants or injections.


On the other hand, implants are placed in the lower hip or abdomen. This method provides cure that keeps going for up to six months.


The testosterone injections are typically given about once every two weeks.


If you are considering testosterone replacement therapy, it is important that you talk to a doctor to learn more about it. Your physician may also advise some changes in your lifestyle, such as an exercise program, proper diet, and medications to help alleviate the symptoms caused by male menopause.


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DUBAI, May 10 (Xinhua) -- The United Arab Emirates is committed to supporting local and international efforts to reform and enhance existing regulatory, economic and business mechanisms to help free zones thrive, UAE Minister of Economy Sultan Al-Mansouri said on Tuesday.


Speaking at the opening of the second Free Zones Economic Outlook International Conference of the World Free Zones Organization (FZO) Congress, the minister said the over 40 free zones in the UAE account for over 30 percent of the country's non-oil trade and have been instrumental in the diversification of the national economy.


On a global level, free zones in any country ""can facilitate the participation of countries in such global value chains, giving access to new markets,"" said Al-Mansouri.


The Emirati minister went on to say that the fact that the number of members in the World FZO was growing at a rapid pace gives proof that governments across the globe identified the free zone with zero or little taxes and no customs as an important instrument to spur domestic and international trade.


""World FZO today boasts 189 members from nearly 50 countries -- a far cry from its 14 founding associates and a testimony to its growing role as a vital voice for the international free zone community,"" he said.


He urged the governments to remove roadblocks for existing and upcoming free zones.


""Free zones need an enabling environment for their effective implementation and management and that is why policies matter,"" said Al-Mansouri.


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