One of the functions the Maple Story Mesos

One of the functions the defendant Richard Lai performed for Co-Conspirator  and Co-Conspirator #3 in exchange for the funds they sent him was to advise them on who was supporting which candidates in AFC and Maple Story Mesos matters, including elections, and who Co-Conspirator  and Co-Conspirator #3 should recruit to support their chosen candidates.


DoJ document saidLai "understood that at these meetings Co-Conspirator #3 or his assistants would offer or make bribe payments to these soccer officials," the DoJ allegedLai was later wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to his accounts in Hong Kong and the Philippines by co-conspirator #3 through correspondent accounts in the United States.


The latest plea reaches deep into Asian soccer for the first time and involves an official who retained his position monitoring FIFA's multi-billion dollar income and spending in the transition from former president Sepp Blatter to his successor Gianni Infantino.Infantino praised U.S. law enforcement agencies Friday and promised cooperation from his Zurich-based organization."I would like to thank the American authorities for their continued efforts to stamp out corruption from football," the FIFA president said in a statement. 


"I am happy to confirm once again, that Enjoy will provide whatever assistance is needed by the U.S. and any other authorities around the world."FIFA, former senior officials including Blatter, and decisions to award hosting rights for World Cups from 2006 to 2022 are variously under investigation in the U.S., Switzerland.

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