Model NUTR supporting roller is the double-row roller bearing with full of needles. The outer ring is guided by shoulder. All parts of bearing is enclosed by the seal cover pressed in the outer ring to form a complete unit. The seal cover and thrust baffle ring constitute the high-efficient gas seal. This kind of Model BUTR supporting roller needle bearing can withstand heavy load. Because of axial guide in rolling body, it can withstand the stock axial load even in the high speed.
Principal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatigue load limitMaximum radial loadsDesignation
ID: Inside diameter
OD:Outside diameter
3515181916.817.628.6512.2NUTR 15 A
3515181916.817.628.6512.2NUTR 15 X
4017202119222.51420NUTR 17 A
4017202119222.51420NUTR 17 X
4215181920.123.22.6521.631NUTR 1542 A
4215181920.123.22.6521.631NUTR 1542 X
4717202122273.053043NUTR 1747 A
4717202122273.053043NUTR 1747 X
4720242528.633.53.917.625NUTR 20 A
4720242528.633.53.917.625NUTR 20 X
5225242529.7364.251825.5NUTR 25 A
5225242529.7364.251825.5NUTR 25 X
5220242531.9394.553042.5NUTR 2052 X
6230282941.347.55.852434.5NUTR 30 A
6225242535.8485.64463NUTR 2562 X
6225242535.8485.64463NUTR 2562 A
6230282941.347.55.852434.5NUTR 30 X
7235282945.7576.9533.547.5NUTR 35 A
7235282945.7576.9533.547.5NUTR 35 X
7230282948.4617.55376.5NUTR 3072 A
7230282948.4617.55376.5NUTR 3072 X
8040303257.27293245.5NUTR 40 A
8035282951.2688.35781.5NUTR 3580 X
8040303257.27293245.5NUTR 40 X
8035282951.2688.35781.5NUTR 3580 A
8545303258.3759.332.546.5NUTR 45 A
8545303258.3759.332.546.5NUTR 45 X
9040303268.291.511.46390NUTR 4090 A
9050303258.3789.6532.547.5NUTR 50 X
9040303268.291.511.46390NUTR 4090 X
9050303258.3789.6532.547.5NUTR 50 A
10045303273.710412.780114NUTR 45100 A
10045303273.710412.780114NUTR 45100 X
11050303278.111614.398140NUTR 50110 X
11050303278.111614.398140NUTR 50110 ASUPPORTING ROLLER BEARINGS suppliers
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