Semi-coke Gas Generating suppliers

Model (r/min)
Rated speed (kW)
Continuous output (MPa)
Mean eff. Pressure (m/s)
Mean piston speed
8300C 450 441 0.547 5.7
8300ZLCA 450 735 0.912 5.7
8300ZLCA-1 450 808 1.003 5.7
8300ZLCA-2 500 808 0.902 6.333
8300ZLCA-3 500 882 0.985 6.333
8300ZLCA-4 600 1103 1.206 7.6

Main Data   
Number of cylinder
Bore mm 300
Stroke mm 380
Compression ratio
Displacement/cylinder L 26.9
Max. combustion pressure MPa 7.5
Spec. fuel oil consumption g/(kW.h) 210
Spec. lub oil consumption g/(kW.h) 1.6
Height of lifting piston from crankshaft(D) mm 2120
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 4960×1288×2630
Net weight t 13.5
The main data of left engine is same with right engine in every model engine.  
Rotation direction of crankshaft: The left engine resolves right, the right engine resolves right to look from the flywheel side to the free side, to turn right is clockwise.
The left engine resolves left, the right engine resolves left to look from the flywheel side to the free side, to turn left is counter-clockwise.
Starting method: Air motor starting. Semi-coke Gas Generating suppliers
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