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Alfa-Sourcing was founded by Mr. Lukas Chen, a veteran business leader with extensive experience in product development and production cost reduction. He has worked in UK, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, and of course China for more than 20 years, and he has set up and operated two entities in China successfully for European companies. Over the years he has seen a great potential in helping international companies develop and source cost-competitive technical products from China, where some local manufacturing companies are improving rapidly. However, to leverage on the advantages of sourcing in China a thorough understanding of language and business culture on both ends, smooth communication with the product development team, and a reliable supply chain are essential. That's why he founded Alfa-Sourcing, a specialist in fulfilling exactly these needs for our international partners.
The key competence of Alfa-Sourcing is its team, which consists of fluent English or German speaking account managers, engineers, and logistic personnel. We also has a pool of proven suppliers that cover injection moulding and extrusion plastics, rubber products, surface treatment, metal products of all processing, fittings, fasteners, and hardware, just to name a few. Most of these suppliers are concentrated in East China, therefore it is quite natural for Alfa-Sourcing to be operating from Shanghai, which is the centre of East China.
Our target customers are small and medium sized businesses around the world, which desire to drive down total cost by sourcing in China but do not have the possibility to set up their own remote sourcing office. We can also be a partner for larger companies when sourcing non-core products. Last but not least, for your strategic sourcing planning we can help you conduct in-depth market study on supply market of China for your area of interest.
Check out the product areas that we are specialised in, or simply drop us an email at Lukas.chen@Alfa-Sourcing.com to find out how we can help you create value for your business.low cost Decorative Plating Of Gold Silver Copper Chrome Nickel Rhodium
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