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Bus Passenger Counting System Tutorial Video
Market Demands:
Devoted to solve poor bus service and traffic jam by public transit, also designed to improve city environment, Watchdog develop a workable solution-- Intelligent Bus Passenger Flow Analysis System. We want to change current slow, dirty, tired and troublesome bus services through optimize bus routes and running schedules. Depending on better experience by bus, more shares of passengers choose bus service instead of cars or taxi or uber. Meantime, bus company can get profitable change with good public reputation.  
 Government is also emancipate from heavy burden on subside of bus companies. With our passenger counting system and IPAS 2.0, authority can get a better city traffic management but with lower cost. Big Data of passenger flowing everywhere will helpful to learn whole city travel demands and trend. Road building and city extension can be meet such real demands in good cycle.
IPAS 2.0 Introduce:
Watchdog Electronics deeply process the top important data, Passenger and Vehicle information with GIS technology. Our unique IPAS 2.0 system is designed on basis of bus company demands, simplified all skills on operation and maintenance on server and bus passenger counters. Bus company directors and operators can easily know every bus occupancy rate and vacancy anytime. Even learn the potential trend on every stop and lines to layout new profitable lines. IPAS2.0 support smart reports on whole bus company passenger statics data and changes to bus leaders weekly, monthly and yearly.  
IPAS 2.0 provide easy management on device/lines/stop register, reliable stop recognition, flexible lines shift and stops information update by powerful GPS and 3G technology. Customers just need some click to finish any important operation. The powerful system help bus company away from inefficient management on bus dispatchment and ticket supervisor. IPAS 2.0 will help to increase average occupancy rate and reduce waste cost. It also will reduce new bus demands to save big money too.
1. Smart Management:
 2. Remotely Control
3. Data Safety
4. Nice experience
 cheap Passenger Counter
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