Check out my scorecard from last Maple M Mesos

Check out my scorecard from last night around midnight. The grading system seems to go through the regular letters B, C, and A Maple M Mesos together and without gradations on the way, then it goes in to S, SS, and SSS kind of like Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain does. With two kills and a third-place rank, I'm a veritable killing machine.

Right after this match I leveled up to position 10, then position 11 where I'm at now. But what I observed in the other players at the final 40 was a completely different playstyle than what I'd seen the night before.

The other players around the map were hiding a whole lot more, and moving a lot less. They reacted to the sound of footsteps more intelligently. The last engagements played out very differently, with nearly all players sticking to the edge of this circle and just sometimes poking their heads from cover. Essentially, people were enjoying more like ... individuals. They were displaying the kinds of strategies and behaviors that have been shown successful in the year since Battlegrounds went live on PC.

And that is fine. I didn't have any less fun. In mmogdp fact, I had more fun getting fewer kills and end up with a sixth place because the enemies had been behaving in more challenging ways.

asked Jan 24 by rsgoldfastcom
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